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Fichier PDF   CDD : Research engineer position at Aix Marseille University (France) - SELEXINI project

Candidature avant : 02/05/2022

Modalité :
Please send your CV and a few lines explaining why you are applying to carlos.ramisch [AT] before May 2.

Résumé :
SELEXINI ( is a research project whose goal is to develop next-generation word sense induction methods for French. The induced lexicons will not only cluster word usages according to their senses, but also contain multiword expressions, argumental structure, generated definitions, etc. The developed word sense induction methods will build upon large pre-trained language models (e.g. FlauBERT, CamemBERT) and existing lexical resources (French Wiktionary). We are currently looking for an engineer whose mission will be to put in place the initial infra-structure of the project. This mission will have five phases: (1) corpus curation, (2) preprocessing, (3) pre-lexicon extraction, (4) language model adaptation, and (5) corpus-lexicon alignment. Details:

Fichier PDF   CDD : Ingénieur.e systèmes et réseaux

Candidature avant : 01/03/2022

Modalité :
Les candidatures sont à adresser à

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Le service informatique du LIS recrute un.e ingénieur.e systèmes et réseaux, en CDD pour 12 mois. Pour plus d'informations consultez la fiche de poste en PDF.