CDE : Control and Diagnosis for the Environment

Keys Words

Control, Observer, Decision Support, Diagnosis and Environment


Head / Co-Head

Frédéric LAFONT / Nicolas BOIZOT


Permanent Members

BALMAT Jean-FrançoisMaitre de Conférences
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BOIZOT NicolasMaitre de Conférences
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BUSVELLE ÉricProfesseur des Universités
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CHITTARO FrancescaMaitre de Conférences
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GAUTHIER Jean-PaulProfesseur des Universités
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LAFONT FrédéricMaitre de Conférences
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MOUSSA AbdouramaneMaitre de Conférences
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PESSEL NathalieMaitre de Conférences
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Phd Studients

DAID AssiaDoctorant
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HARRACHE FaziaDoctorant
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TAY AhmadDoctorant
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Other staff members


Research interests

The group main research interests are estimation, control, diagnosis and decision support systems. Two main approaches are considered. In the first one, the participants collaborate in theoretical projects, developing methodologies for estimation, state reconstruction, control, diagnosis and monitoring. With the second approach, the research group contributes to the study of real systems coming from vehicles (underwater robots), renewable energies and agriculture systems.

Estimation :

  • Synthesis of observers (Extended Kalman Filter) for nonlinear systems with asynchronous measurements or with uncertain timestamping.
  • Applications to underwater robotics.

Control :

  • Control for nonlinear systems, path planning, optimal control, observability.
  • Non-regular controls. Application to the minimization of the energy consumption of mobile robots.
  • Control methodologies for unknown or uncertain model systems (Model-free control and control based on soft-computing techniques).

Diagnosis :

  • Methods based on dynamical systems.
  • Model-free approaches.

Decision support :

  • Hybrid approaches combining fuzzy classifiers with neural networks learning systems for the integrated pest management in agriculture.


Scientific publications

31 documents

Journal articles

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Conference papers

  • Ahmad Tay, Frédéric Lafont, Jean-François Balmat, Nathalie Pessel, Ange Lhost-Drouineau. Fuzzy Approach to Pest Risk Assessment in a Greenhouse. International Conference on Smart Decision-Making Systems for Precision Agriculture, Mar 2020, Madrid, Spain. ⟨hal-02356073⟩
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Preprints, Working Papers

  • Fazia Harrache, Francesca Chittaro, Mohamed Aidene. LOCAL L 1 SUB-FINSLER GEOMETRY IN DIMENSION 3: NON-GENERIC CASES. 2021. ⟨hal-03137567⟩
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