DALGO : Distributed Algorithms

Keys words

algorithms, distributed algorithms, computation models, mobile agents, shared memory, message passing systems, dynamic networks, fault tolerance, swarm robotics, anonymous networks, distributed computability, topological methods, embedded systems, synchronous programming



Permanent Members

CHALOPIN JérémieChargé de recherche
Courriel : jeremie.chalopin@lis-lab.fr
Page personnelle : https://pageperso.lis-lab.fr/jeremie.chalopin/
DAS ShantanuMaitre de Conférences
Courriel : shantanu.das@lis-lab.fr
Page personnelle : https://pageperso.lis-lab.fr/shantanu.das/
GODARD EmmanuelMaitre de Conférences
Courriel : emmanuel.godard@lis-lab.fr
Page personnelle : https://pageperso.lis-lab.fr/emmanuel.godard/
IMBS DamienMaitre de Conférences
Courriel : damien.imbs@lis-lab.fr
LABOUREL ArnaudMaitre de Conférences
Courriel : arnaud.labourel@lis-lab.fr
Page personnelle : https://pageperso.lis-lab.fr/arnaud.labourel/
NIEBERT PeterMaitre de Conférences
Courriel : peter.niebert@lis-lab.fr
Page personnelle : https://pageperso.lis-lab.fr/peter.niebert/

Phd Students

BERENGER CédricDoctorant
Courriel : cedric.berenger@lis-lab.fr
PERDEREAU ÉloiDoctorant
Courriel : eloi.perdereau@lis-lab.fr
Page personnelle : https://pageperso.lis-lab.fr/eloi.perdereau/

Other Staff

Scientific goal

The Distributed Algorithms (DALGO) team belongs to the Laboratoire d’Informatique et Systèmes (LIS, UMR 7020) and is based in Luminy.

The concept of distributed systems is fundamental for practical applications as well as for the theoretical foundations of computer science. A distributed system is an environment where several processes collaborate to achieve a common goal; in such a system, processes can only communicate directly with a limited number of other processes. We are interested in studying the global behaviors that can be obtained in such systems when the actions of the processes have only a local impact. The DALGO team is interested in the computational power of several models of distributed computing, as well as in the complexity of fundamental problems in these models.

The members of the team are particularly interested in the following topics:

  • Design and analysis of distributed algorithms
  • Mobile Agent Systems
  • Shared memory systems and fault tolerance
  • Dynamic networks
  • Embedded systems and synchronous programming

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