SIIM : SIgnal-Image-Modeling

Keys Words

Modeling, ill-posed inverse problems (blind sources separation – unmixing – multidimensional deconvolution (MIMO systems)), dimension reduction, estimation, (heterogeneous) data fusion, supervised/unsupervised learning, classification, survey/decision, (Convolutive) Neural Networks, Deep Learning, matrix and tensor decompositions, stochastic and deterministic optimization, non-stationary processes (time-frequency (spatial) distributions, adaptive algorithms), linear and multilinear algebra, low rank approximation, approximation theory, nonlinear and chaotic dynamical system theory.





Permanent Members

BOUCHARA FrédéricMaitre de Conférences
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Telephone : 0494142210
BOUCHOUICHA MoezMaitre de Conférences
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GINOUX Jean-MarcMaitre de Conférences
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Telephone : 494142488
LUCIANI XavierMaitre de Conférences
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Telephone : 0494142503
MAIRE SylvainMaitre de Conférences
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MINGHELLI-ROMAN AudreyMaitre de Conférences
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Telephone : 0494142229
MOREAU ÉricProfesseur des Universités
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Telephone : 0494142586
NGUYEN ThanhMaitre de Conférences
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PRISSETTE CyrilMaitre de Conférences
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THIRION-MOREAU NadègeProfesseur des Universités
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Telephone : 0494142456


Phd Studients

ANDRE RémiDoctorant
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CHAMBARET GuillaumeDoctorant
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EL QUATE KarimaDoctorant
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FRIZZI SebastienDoctorant
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HAMDI TakouaDoctorant
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KAABI RabebDoctorant
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LAMOURET MarieDoctorant
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MARIE VincentDoctorant
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NGUYEN ThanhDoctorant
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SANCHEZ GuillaumeDoctorant
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SANOU Isaac WilfriedDoctorant
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SOUQUIERES LauraDoctorant
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Other staff members

BECHAR IkhlefPost-Doctorant
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Telephone : 0494142076
ENEL LaurentCherch. associe
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GUIS VincenteIR
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Research interests

The Project Team « SIgnal-Image-Modeling’’ (SIIM) is part of the Signal & Image pole of the LIS laboratory. This team is hosted in the SeaTech engineering school of the University of Toulon (La Garde site).

The researches of the members of the SIIM team are gearing towards data sciences & analysis, and concern more precisely: signal and image processing, computer vision, machine learning and optimization.

They range from the observation or the physical study of the data for modeling or characterization purposes or their processing and analysis. The main aims are to retrieve meaningful information or latent variables, to help the end-users with the interpretation of the results or to develop automatic decision or diagnostic assistance systems. This involves the development of innovative theoretical approaches and the effective implementation of these methods through numerical computation and high performance algorithms. These (dedicated) solutions also have to be able to take into account the specificities and constraints linked to the considered application. Depending on it, we can handle different kind of datasets: multidimensional or multimodal signals, multi- or hyper- spectral images, 3D or 4D fluorescence spectroscopy imaging, video sequences, etc.


Main Lines

Signal Processing – Image processing – Computer Vision – Machine learning


Main Fields of application

Environmental data observation or monitoring, environmental data analysis/mining, marine surveillance, written document analysis, biomedical engineering, diagnostic assistance


Local ecosystem and valorization

MEDD and INPS poles of the Toulon University, IRSN, IFREMER, CNES, Mediterranean Sea Cluster (pôle MER méditerranée), Booster Space4Earth/SafeCluster, French customs, Airbus Defense and Space, CS Technologies, Thales Alenia Space, Naval Group, Sofresud, Hexaglobe, Seaviews, TVT Innovation


Scientific publications

21 documents

Article dans une revue

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Communication dans un congrès

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Direction d'ouvrage, Proceedings

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